Mark O’Leary



Brotherhood, Season 3     “Fire Chief”Showtime PicturesEdward Bianchi

Aftershock (History) “Lt. Gov. Voorhees” Limulus Prod. David Padrusch

Waterfront (CBS), “Tommy Tilson”  Waterfront Pictures,  Chris Misiano

Rollerpalace (MTV) “Frank Mariano” MTVu-Boston Univ. Paul Schneider

The Wild Web (CBS)   Occasional characters Parallax Prod. Alan Chebot



The Albino Code “Bangdon” 7 Fluid Oz.  Aaron Howland

Fortitude, “Dr. Elbert Little”   Tufts Univ. Jordan Levie

Salt In the Wound “Martini” Emerson College Will Drinker


Boston Medical Center                                            Element

Mass. Dept. Public Health“Decisions” (Officer)GeovisionJuan Mandelbaum

Honeydew Donuts“How Do You Do?”Cramer

AmComm Wireless “Get Caught Up” Will Drinker

Cox Communications  “Reconnecting” (Jim) Redtree  Christian Hoagland

Maine State Lottery “The Bank”  (Announcer) Nomad Pictures, Bill Moulton

Mass. Dental Assn. “Back In Time” (ER Patient)   Playback Films Bob Dreissig

Coalition for Affordable Auto Ins.I’m A Reject” Kelly Habib John/Jetpack Michael Kuell

Ziff-Davis Publishing  “Info-Man” (Homeowner) Parallax  Alan Chebot


VPG MediaESL Instructional Series   (In House)Diana Arce

U.S. ArmyJAG” (Lt. Col. Holmes)    Mind & Media Robert Deege

Nellcor Puritan Bennet  “Oximan Sales Presentation” (Creepy the Clown)  Austin de Beche

ZDI (Ziff-Davis Publishing) Infoman” (Homeowner)    Parallax  Alan Chebot

IBM “OpenDoc Announcement” (Product Demonstrator) Parallax Alan Chebot,


Acting resume (Partial)

Contact Information

mark.oleary AT





Height: 6’1”

Weight 230 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Voice: Tenor


Stage combat, Drive standard, Speak Spanish & Hebrew, Wide variety of accents in English, Play bass & guitar, SCUBA diving, Carpentry, Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts), Boxing, Kickboxing,  Telemark Skiing, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Cycling, Baseball, Firearms training.



 B.A. Theater Arts, Duquesne University, 1980. M.A. English Literature, Duquesne University, 1982. Acting for Film (ongoing training), Peter Kelley, 2006. Voice-Over Training, Maura Tighe, 2006



Eight-time Boston Marathon finisher, Irish folk singer, English teacher, Truck driver, Construction worker, Bartender, Once worked personal security detail for a Saudi prince. Seriously.




screen & voice talent


I am not Mark O’Leary, the Irish jazz musician, though he is awesome. You should buy his music. If you were looking for him, sorry to disappoint you. To learn about him, click here.

I am also not the Mark O’Leary who is the Regional Vice President of Business Services for Comcast in Central California. I occasionally get to read his email. In answer to a popular question, yes, I think his parents were married. No,  don’t know how you can reach him.